Monday, February 4, 2008

Three aspets of Korea culture

Three aspects of Korea culture
“Finger - licken’ good”
Have you ever heard that slogan for KFC? I think that most of the people who watch TV have heard it. But I think most people don’t know about some mistakes of KFC’s slogan in China. The KFC doesn’t understand culture of China. If the KFC company knows the culture of China, they could be success in business. There are lots of companies in the world. And, they try to be successful in business even though we can’t imagin. Then I want to explain three aspects of my culture to people who want to be successful in Korea. These are greetings, an understanding of Koreans and dinner manners.
First, greetings are very important in Korea. If you want to be a successful businessman, you should bow before other people bow. They already know your country’s greeting style, like shaking hands. But when you bow Korean style, they will think you are very polite and they will try to respect your opinion. You can get your purpose across easily in business.
Second, an understanding of Korean is very important. There are specific customs in Korea. We like to ask something about personality. For example, are you married, how old are you, when will you have a baby, evenmore, how much money do you make in a month? When you get those questions, you might be very confused, and you will think that Koreans are very rude. However you have to know that is Korean style. To be a friend is to know each other in Korea. When they ask something about your private information, don’t be angry. If you share your private information, you can solve your business problems easily too.
Last, dinner manners are important. When you are invited to dinner, you should try to order the same. Koreans don’t like differences. It means Koreans like to be familiar. If you eat the same at the restaurant, Koreans will think you are a person that knows our customs. It makes people open their mind. Then you can be successful.
In conclusion, most businessman want to be successful. If they have an interest about global culture, it is easy to succeed more than you thought. So I think greetings, an understanding of Korean culture and dinner manners in Korea are very important.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

My favorite place

Gyung - Ju


My favorite place to spend time is city of Gyung – Ju. First, that place is near by my hometown. It takes about one hour. So my family goes there very often and very easily. Next, We can enjoy many different experiences. Gyung – Ju was a Capital of the Sinla that is Old national in Korea. It has many cultural assets, lots of museums’ lots of fancy hotels, good restaurants, and hot springs. So my family likes Gyung – Ju very much. Sometimes, we can join the festival of Gyung – Ju. In addition, I can enjoy the quiet of small town. It has clean air because there are lots of cars. My family can ride a bicycle on bicycle road very safety. In conclusion, Gyung – Ju is special place to me and my family because we really like this place.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To GE2 studends.

Hello! my friend.
I am happy to meet you.